Sunday, 5 July 2009

No wonder we have a problem!

The last week, many of the articles I have read have been about celebrity weight issues, how those on the larger side of life are setting a bad example to us mere mortals, a contrast to last years blasting of the size zero model and how their size was something we shouldn't aspire to.

The best one, was an article in todays News of the World about Kerry Katona and how the "porky" star had "swelled from a svelte size 8 to a 12-stone size 16." The article goes on to say how Kerry has "ballooned back to her old size."

My main problem with this story is how she is described as porky and ballooning. I am a size 14- 16 but would never consider myself to be porky, I am just not naturally slim, but I don't feel that this makes me hideous or unattractive in anyway. What is wrong with not being a "perfect 10"?

Last year, I was ill and I lost a lot of weight becasue of it, however, this made me look like a skeleton and not at all happy, I don't suit being that thin. Also, websites that tell you your BMI (the latest obsession in weightloss) and tell you your perfect weight vary excessively, with one telling me that in order to achieve a healthy BMI, I needed to lose 3 stone, while another resulted in me only needing to lose half a stone!

I thought the best thing about humans was that we are all different, that if everybody was the same, it would be boring?

So what if some of us have a little bit "extra" weight, it just means there's more of us to love! Being super skinny doesn't mean you're healthy, the same as being a bit bigger doesn't mean you're unfit.

The media needs to stop focussing on our weight and maybe then we would all be a little happier...?

"What makes you different, makes you beautiful!" :-)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Things I need to think about!

Things have been a little slow lately. I finished my second year over a month ago, and my progression so far has been...none.

So today, i've sat here and had a big ol' think about where the hell I am going. I have done this over and over again during the term, but I never really find the magic answer.

When I started uni, my long term goal was to write guide books, but over the last two years, my lil travel writing soul has been some what squashed. The thing is, it's up to me to get my arse in gear, use what I have learnt, and use the ambition that I had in the beginning (it's in there somewhere) and get things started.

If I feel I need to go on a course that I think will help my writing, sign up and do it! If I need to read other people's writing to learn from it, read it!

That's my biggest problem, I know where I am going wrong, but I don't seem to want to help myself! But hey, i've realised this now,it's time to stop blaming everybody and everything else and make my own opportunities.

I am gonna kick arse in the third year, do the best that I can (and not "take the line of least resistance", Terry).

I am going to stop thinking of uni as something that helps me avoid the real world, keeps me in my bubble and generally keeps me safe.

Happy Days...wish me luck!

Friday, 12 June 2009

"He Loves Me" T-Shirt

Finally, I have finished one of the little project i've been yakking on about for months! It hasn't taken me that long to make, it just took me a while to come up with what I wanted to make and all the materials.

So, here it is....

The first pic is a close up of my hard work (embroidery is tiring!)...

Then this is whole t-shirt...

So hopefully you like my little t-shirt. If anybody knows where I can sell this sort of thing, that'd be fab!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wedding Bells

Yesterday I went to the wedding of one of Paul's best friends, Roy and his lovely lady Maria. Sitting there, watching them take their vows on their tenth anniversary (!!!) I thought, I still think that marriage is one of the most romantic things couples can do.

I know that loads of people think, ah it's just a piece of paper, but I truly believe marriage is a beautiful thing, and on the day, when the wedding comes together, it's magic.

I want a career as a professional wedding guest haha, the romance of it just gets me everytime (cheesy I know, but hey). I'm the one sitting there as the bride and groom pledge to love each other forever, smiling with tears in my eyes at the romance of the whole thing.

And then, at the reception, there's the speeches, where the father gives his blessing, the groom tells us all why he loves his new wife so much (awww) and the best man also praises the happy couple.

And on to the party, woo hoo. After a loooooong day, everybody gets to let their hair down and dance the night away. Hooray.

So hopefully one day, I will get to be a mrs, but for now, i'm enjoying life on the guest list

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Isn't music magic...?

Next time you're in a really bad mood or upset or just a bit sad, don't listen to music that you think you can identify with at that point in time..."oh he's singing my life, i'm so sad blah blah blah."

Find something that makes you wanna dance, or makes you smile, or just look at something from a different, more positive angle. What's the point in making yourself feel worse? Turn that smile upside down! :-)

Todays happy song is brought to you mr John Butler and his band of merry men, it made me smile anyway.

And while i'm on the subject of music, here's another song that makes me wanna dance...

I need to learn the words to this funky lil tune as I am doing a Stars in Their Eyes charity thing down the pub in a couple of weeks and this is what i'm gunna sing! Loves it!

Happy days xx

Monday, 1 June 2009

The sun strikes again

So, the sun is here, people are flocking to the beaches, the air smells of BBQ's and everybody is generally in a happier mood. Not for me.

Oh no, i have locked myself away, occasionally peering through the windows to see if the word is still bright outside.

This is because yesterday, walking around a car boot sale, trying to find more junk to add to my own ever growing collection of junk, I was fried by the sun. One hour of wandering around a field caused my skin to turn a beautiful shade of red.

And it is sooooooo painful! Everytime I move, pain shoots through my left shoulder or across my back (where there is a very beautiful white cross now, from the straps of my dress). It is my own fault really for not wearing any sun cream, but I wasn't aware that my skin was one shade up from albino!

So while the rest of you enjoy the heat, remember me hiding away in my little house waiting for the rain to return.